University College Dublin

ubuntu partnership

Virtuous Cycles in GCE in ITE


  • Professor Judith Harford
  • Dr Declan Fahie
  • Karen Maye
  • Dr Eileen Bowman
Benefits to the School of Education: Partnering with the Ubuntu Network and embracing an integrated curriculum approach has elevated the institution’s leadership in Global Citizenship Education (GCE), spanning research, teaching, and practice. This alignment with university-wide Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and interdisciplinary initiatives has fostered a culture of sustainability and social responsibility campus-wide, while also fostering diverse collaboration opportunities.
Benefits to teacher educators: Educators gain from Ubuntu Network’s tailored support for integrating Global Citizenship Education (GCE) into teaching, alongside opportunities for holistic engagement in school-wide dialogues and research. Professional development and networking enhance a community of GCE-focused educators.
Benefits to pre-service teachers: Pre-service teachers gain exposure to a wide array of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) principles, theories, and practices through collaborative efforts between the School of Education and the Ubuntu Network. They develop essential GCE-related knowledge, skills, and values for future teaching careers, empowered as agents of change. Additionally, mentorship, support, and learning opportunities from Ubuntu Network partners enrich their understanding of GCE and its real-world applications.
Benefits to post-primary schools: Students access enhanced GCE learning through knowledgeable teachers and collaborative efforts between the School of Education and the Ubuntu Network. Engaging with GCE-focused NGOs, government agencies, and external partners provides additional resources and support for GCE-related programs and activities, enriching the learning environment further.
Benefits to other educational stakeholders: Other educational stakeholders benefit from the partnership between the School of Education and the Ubuntu Network by accessing GCE-related research, best practices, and resources. Collaboration on GCE initiatives fosters a strong network committed to promoting GCE in education. Increased awareness of GCE principles contributes to a more holistic approach to education sector-wide.
Benefits to the GCE sector as a whole: The School of Education’s collaboration with the Ubuntu Network strengthens GCE’s recognition and value across education levels. Enhanced collaboration and knowledge-sharing among educators and organizations drive innovation in GCE initiatives. This commitment fosters the development and implementation of GCE programs, promoting a more equitable, sustainable, and just world.