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Assembly Member

If you are involved in teacher education (e.g. lecturer or tutor, School placement Officer, research supervisor, cooperating teacher, NGO) and are interested in supporting the integration of GCE in ITE, please contact us to become an assembly member. You will be invited to member meetings, receive updates on the work of the Network and other related activities, and help to shape our work going forward.

Associate Member

If you are not directly involved in teacher education, and the work of the Network is of interest to you (e.g. you work in GCE in another sector or you work in formal education but not directly in ITE) we invite you to become an associate member. We will keep your interest in mind and keep you updated on matters of relevance to you, with a view to engaging where appropriate.

Project Leader

If you are a faculty based teacher educator and you would like to apply for annual funding for a GCE project, then keep an eye out for our bi-annual calls for applications (May/June and November/December). Alternatively contact us to register your interest.


If you have lead an Ubuntu-supported project in the past and would like to deepen this relationship to move towards partnership status, please contact us to register your interest.

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