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Trade and Consumerism:

  • Fair Trade Ireland: Fairtrade Ireland is the Irish Member of the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO). Fairtrade Ireland awards a consumer label, the FAIRTRADE Mark, to products which meet internationally recognised standards of Fairtrade. It is a small charity based in Dublin, and is active throughout Ireland in the promotion of Fairtrade, the Fairtrade Towns project, and FAIRTRADE Mark products.

  • Fairtrade International: headquartered in Bonn, Germany, a group of 25 organizations working to secure a better deal for producers, setting international Fairtrade standards, and supporting Fairtrade producers.

  • Oxfam International Trade Campaign: Oxfam's Trade Campaign presses decision-makers and governments for new trade rules‚ fair rules to make a real and positive difference in the fight against poverty. It also works with other campaigning organizations to drive home the message‚ and getting high-profile celebrities to draw attention to the breath-taking potential of trade.

  • Ethical Consumer: the UK's leading alternative consumer organisation, uncovering the truth behind the brand names and supporting the growth of the ethical market.

  • Ethical Trading Initiative: a ground-breaking alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations, working in partnership to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable workers across the globe who make or grow consumer goods - everything from tea to T-shirts, from flowers to footballs.

  • Labour behind the Label: a campaign that supports garment workers' efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions, through awareness raising, information provision and encouraging international solidarity between workers and consumers.

  • Papapaa: a website teaching about fair trade and cocoa, with free lesson plans and resources, and video clips and photos explaining the cocoa journey from bean to bar.

  • Traidcraft: fights poverty through trade, helping people in developing countries to transform their lives.

  • Ethical Superstore: stocks high quality products that have a positive impact on people and/or the environment, including Fair Trade, Organic, Eco Friendly, Health and Wellness promotion, Education and awareness building, Locally Produced, and Charity products.

  • Cards from Africa (Rwanda): provides orphaned youths in Rwanda with employment handcrafting greeting cards, enabling them to receive fair wages and valuable life skills.

  • Divine Chocolate: a Fairtrade chocolate company which is 45% owned by the farmers, ensuring that farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, while company ownership gives farmers a share of Divine's profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry.

  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD): promotes the development-friendly integration of developing countries into the world economy.

  • Equal Exchange: a workers co-operative owned & controlled by its employees, dedicated to the promotion of Fairtrade and Organic production methods, ensuring a fair deal for farmers and the environment.

  • The Ultimate Green Shopping Guide: Learning how to shop green can help you make the best use of your time and avoid spending a lot of money in the process.

Poverty and Debt: