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Research Areas

Integrating DE within ITE

This area of research seeks to define DE in ways that are appropriate for ITE. It is working to build a framework that positions DE within the newly conceptualised 2-year Professional Masters of Education (PME) to be delivered by all institutions in 2014.

Attitudes and Uptake of DE in ITE

For the most part student teachers appreciate the importance of DE in their teaching, and many see opportunities in their subject areas for integration of key themes. But how does this enthusiasm get translated into classroom practice? Does teaching practice support or challenge this view? Or do student teachers have a sense of agency to teach for social justice?

Evaluating DE in ITE

In 2016 an evaluation of the impact of Development Education interventions on student teachers’ capacity to incorporate Development Education into their teaching was conducted. The final report will be available here shortly.

Current research underway in the Network involves investigating professional role orientation of student teachers in integrating Development Education (DE) throughout the Professional Masters of Education (PME) experience. This research seeks to improve our understanding of the ways in which student teachers' conceptualise their emerging roles as future professionals.

Critical Media Literacy for DE

The world of media offers immense opportunities for such learning; in fact it is the greatest influence on young peoples' perceptions of the developing world (Gleeson et al 2007). However media messages and stories can also be damaging to our understanding of development. Left unchecked there is a danger that negative stereotypes are reinforced or that true context is not represented within stories. Development issues don't always receive sustained media coverage; they are long term processes which don't easily translate into succinct and appealing stories or programmes. We must be cognisant therefore that what we see and hear is just one interpretation of a complex reality.

Innovative Pedagogies and Practices in DE

Concept mapping, placed-based learning, dialogic pedagogies, multimedia, service-learning... all useful tools and pedagogies for integrating DE into teaching. This research area explores these and other innovative approaches to engage students in development issues.

Understanding Academic Disciplines for integrating DE

Academic disciplines are underpinned by different cultures and different identities. They involve different ways of acting, thinking and feeling. They view knowledge differently and they value different things. This has implications for the integration of DE and particularly in the planning of interdisciplinary DE initiatives.

Professional Role Orientation Inventory

For more information on Professional Role Orientation Inventory, click here.