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IPP1: Exploring development themes through the use of talk in the classroom (dialogic teaching)
[relevant to English, CSPE, Modern Languages]

Third & subsequent readings

In third and subsequent readings, the teacher continually reflects on the responses and examines how they are linking to the generative question and supplementary questions. Interventions are made to extend and deepen the conversation.

For example, we asked the student teachers to imagine they were speaking from the little girl’s point of view about her life. Initially the students found this extremely difficult so we brought props to help them, such as the communion dress, a €5 note, a tin of tuna, a white bag, a doll, a bottle of beer. Here the students engaged in writing individually about their prop and what it might mean to the little girl. The students then practised reading–in–role in pairs, before reading–in–role to the full group and taking questions in role from the other members of the group. This connection with the little girl’s world through significant objects deepened their emotional connection and intellectual responses to her life. For a moment in time they imaginatively embodied her life.

Video: Introducing the use of props to stimulate talk

Video: Creative writing using props & practising peer questioning

Video: Peer questioning