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IPP1: Exploring development themes through the use of talk in the classroom (dialogic teaching)
[relevant to English, CSPE, Modern Languages]

Identifying lines of enquiry

Subsequent readings require a chaining of all the information and responses together through board work or poster work or collage work. Then the class decides on a deepening line of enquiry, extending students' thinking and helping them to imagine themselves in a world outside of their own.

From the board work we created, many possibilities opened up. Students could choose to do further study on, for example, deepening their understanding of what it is to be poor. They could consider what it is that makes life beautiful and meaningful for them. They could challenge how they interpret other people’s worlds and consider the frames of reference which influence their understanding of other people and other cultures. The list is endless.

A possible line of enquiry would be the concept of 'luxury'.

The nature of 'luxury'

One possible line of enquiry that we identified in this project was the nature of 'luxury'. A possible route to going deeper on this issue and deconstructing the meaning of luxury for the students might have included:

  • Looking at luxury in the students' own lives and what makes something a 'luxury' for them (e.g. students might create a poster or collage representing some of the luxuries they enjoy in their own lives)
  • Discussing what luxuries each student would choose to give to the girl in the film
  • Imagining what the girl in the film might list as the luxuries in her life (e.g. students might create an imaginative poster or collage representing the luxuries in the girl's life)
  • Comparing and contrasting the luxuries in the students' lives with those of the girl in the film

Poverty and the 'poverty line'

Another possible line of enquiry arising from this project might have been to go deeper on the issue of poverty. A possible route might have included:

  • Researching facts and figures about poverty in Ireland
  • Examining the meaning of the 'poverty line', and finding out who lives below the poverty line in Ireland and what that means for people
  • Imagining a day in the life of someone living below the poverty line (e.g. students could produce a written piece, a poster, or other creative piece)
  • Researching the global injustices that make poverty happen, linking local to global
  • Exploring how students might be activist and take a stance to do something about poverty